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About Windy Hallows

Windy Hallows creates theatrical events that encapsulates the nuances of childhood, and focuses on themes of mental health awareness. From the mind of Erika Jenko, we invite you to step into a haunting world where children's stories are told. Children see the world in a unique way and we tend to overlook the challenges and darkness that can accompany this. We hope to create art that truthfully speaks to the journey of being a child.

Windy Hallows is in loving memory of my grandmother. A woman who wrote, produced and directed plays in her backyard. Her events became more than just a night of theatre. They were themed events and all proceeds were in support of the Hathaway-Sycamore House in Pasadena, CA. Anyone entrusted with my grandma's whimsical side knew her as 'Windy.' Halloween was her favorite day of the year. Her house was a place where childhood came to life. Visiting my grandmother's home was like being transported. You were allowed to be a child. To dream. You were allowed to be yourself. Always.

-Erika Jenko (Creative Director)


Erika Jenko

I've always wanted to join the circus. The only feasible way I have simulated this dream is by living in different cities around the country and producing theatre and working with incredible designers, actors and producers throughout the adventure. 

I'm a playwright, director and producer and I created Windy Hallows to tell stories for children of all ages. When you hear the phrase 'Children's Theatre,' it's easy to think of safe storytelling. Being a child is a haunting experience. Children of all ages deserve stories that reflect the world they are experiencing. My plays live in the world of magical realism and are heavily influenced by my experience growing up. Age 12 was tricky. I was imaginative with racing intrusive thoughts living with OCD, anxiety and major depression and completely undiagnosed. Over 20 years later, my goal is to get that feeling into a script and in front of an audience so that no one has to feel alone. 

My plays and stories have appeared on stages and in historical mansions in Los Angeles, Boise, Chicago and New York City. If you're seeing a Windy Hallows production, there's a good chance I wrote it. I probably also dug through the dirt in the middle of the desert in search of props, and I probably wandered into a building that wasn't open to the public and asked if I could tell a story there. 

Last thing, I promise...

I grew up on the lore of "Peter Pan."  No matter the version of the tale, my favorite part is always the very beginning. When the Darling children are playing make believe. Before they meet Peter. Before they fly. It is a joy to watch them navigate life by simply playing pretend and creating the world that they wish existed. We have an opportunity to tell stories of kindness that are reflective of their adventure.

 Welcome to Windy Hallows. 

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